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First Quake Live Exclusive Review

After the initial disappointment of waiting times and plug-in problems I was extremely impressed by the Quake 3 online engine, which is a testament to the designers and coders at Id software. The lush visuals are matched by the frantic pace of the game online which is further enhanced by the fantastic environments and the variety of weapons. For a first attempt Id have certainly stepped up to the mark.

Once you have successfully entered the game and downloaded the plug-in for your browser you are presented with Crash, your first online opponent who tests your skill abilities in order to match you with similar opponents in the game proper.

Not being particularly proficient at the game I found myself being matched with the lowest skill level of opponents who still managed to frag me successfully within seconds of entering a match. (yes, I completely suck at the game) However, this does not take away from the addictiveness of the game which I remember from last playing Quake on my Xbox. If you feel the engine does not do a good job of matching your skill level you also have the choice of entering matches on a higher level. (which is pointless for me)

The game offers several game modes including capture the flag, clan arena, team death match and free for all. All these game modes should be familiar to Quake users and other fps users alike, and I did not experience any lag within any of the game modes I played, even with a lowly 5Mb average broadband speed.

After trying the game out on the Mac I was disappointed to find that there is no inherent support for Safari as yet. I also tried Mac Firefox with no success even though the site itself says that the game works in Firefox, which of course it does on the PC. So I guess Mac users are going to have to wait, unless some of you know different.

Anyway here's a little taster video for anyone who has not played the game online...






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